Sunshine Art Therapy – “Past Due” – a celebration of self-empowerment!

The “Past Due” EP is a recording born from personal experiences in Sunshine Art Therapy’s life as she explores an intimate journey of survival through a toxic relationship. It is a voyage of emotion through song, and it’s an example of talent and exceptional artistry from Sunshine Art Therapy as she has produced an incredible […]


Wes Dean – ‘I Sit Here Smiling’ highlights a depth of charisma and personality

From yearning ballads to wrenching declarations of need, the history of music is the history of love songs, and vice versa. Regardless of genre, the one constant is that the best love songs express sentiments that we struggle to put into words in real life. They are touching, comforting and uplifting all at the same […]


DUBEU – ‘DUBlightyear’ keeps the positivity coming

I’m from the Midwest collectively, I go by DUBEU (pronounced W) because doing what I love is always a Win for me. Everybody needs a W; from athletes to artist, from underdogs to champions! I made this song ‘DUBlightyear’ to give hustlers and go-getters some theme music to raise their vibration. It’s what I like […]


Antonio Woodard – “Worth It” helps you survive

Just what you want, another story! I hope you are surviving the day/week. “Worth It” is euphoric and hits home for anyone feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or need an extra push in life to move forward, whatever that may be. First off, I am a competitor and I know the music industry is competitive to say […]


Marlon Cherry brings his best game on “You are The Best”

Of Afro-Mauritian origins, Marlon Cherry is born in the tropical sun drenched city of Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Zululand in South Africa. The singer/songwriter who has been breaking it down with many a band in his lifetime, from South Africa to The United Kingdom, Italy and Brazil since age 6. He is currently also connected to […]


Needles Fisher – “Everybody Likes Needles Fisher” pays close attention to detail

Needles Fisher should really be shining brighter than most of his contemporaries. Based out of South Jersey, and mostly known for his solo work under his real name Samir Issa, he has been working quietly on the project “Everybody Likes Needles Fisher” for about a year. The whole album bleeds into one magnificent potpourri of […]


R. Gerald’s IMFP SOCIETY – The Story of Life FT BIG Rom 92 – God given talents!

Lyricist, Composer/Songwriter/Producer/Arranger & Lead Vocalist for R. Gerald’s IMFP SOCIETY. C.E.O of Astroid Records South and Astroid Two Music Publishing Company in Affiliation with BMI over the years, we have worked with amazing top industry professionals “Too many names to drop here” on numerous recorded projects released commercially in North America & Europe. Working predominantly […]

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JDI-Jay – Dangerously N Love’ – a clear demonstration of the artist’s enviable talents

Jamarian Jackson aka JDI-Jay is an 18-year-old artist from Detroit Michigan. He started making music at the age of 11 and begun taking it serious in 2019. JDI-Jay was offered a deal with the record label Ethika Music, which is still in the works. His latest single ‘Dangerously N Love’, taken from the project, ‘No […]

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Doug Cash – “Child Alone” – a powerful and emotional song

Ten million American children are exposed to violence and abuse each year. The vast majority of abusers are law-abiding citizens without criminal records. However, the trauma that they inflict can last a lifetime. Chances are that you may even know someone who abuses children. They could be a relative, coworker, or neighbor, someone you go […]

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