Collin Craff – “Like The Wind”

I’m Collin Craff, Trinidadian born singer songwriter and I’m really excited to share my music with you all! Just a little about myself; I’ve been in event performing covers for the last ten years. Over the last five years however, I started writing and performing my own songs at weddings, parties and other live gigs. […]


Zaccheus is a Gospel Soca and Reggae artist

Zaccheus is a Gospel Soca and Reggae artist who continues to spread the good news of Jesus Christ during these challenging times. The song “Joy” was written during the height of the pandemic. His aunt passed away in March of 2020, and his blind father had to amputate his leg due to diabetes, so Zaccheus […]


Silver Carpet is an ethereal electropop project of Rayne Kristine

Silver Carpet is an ethereal electropop project of Rayne Kristine, who hails from the forlorn woods of the Southeast. ​ Rayne is a vocalist, Celtic harpist, and pianist/keyboardist. She mixes, masters, and produces all of her music. She began releasing music since 2006 under her experimental act, Nakjaarna. Her sound has changed over the years, […]


Dj DMC – Over Two Decades In The Game!

@officialdjdmc has been a Dj since the early 90’s. His first song was made for sports, “Get it Hype in Here” with Mr. Mixx of the 2 Live Crew. In 2016 @officialdjdmc had two major surgeries in less than one year. In 2019 he had an aneurysm clipping and in 2020 had a partial lobectomy. […]


Lil Finesser is working on a mixtape and EP

Hailing from New York, Lil Finesser started making music when he was 17. Inspired by his own experiences and the will to succeed, the artist takes his music seriously. And though he went through a rough spot he never contemplated quitting as an option.  Lil Finesser initially got into music when he started to freestyle […]

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Doug Cash – “Blue River” – a savvy approach to songwriting

Written, arranged, produced and performed by Doug Cash, “Blue River” brings us some heartfelt and reflective ruminations from the singer-songwriter, musician, producer, and CEO / Owner of Pryor 2 What ? Records and Music Publishing. Every time you think Doug is about to drop the ball, he makes the exact right move. The very things […]

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