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There are two things that Dan Ansell loves. One is music, and the other is water. Just exactly how these elements correlate and are perceived in his daily life is unbeknown to me. However, we do know that water and music do relate to each other rather a lot. The connection is extremely dependent on […]

Sister Kerry is the latest name emerging from the gospel music scene, with her soulful voice and passionate lyrics giving the genre a much-needed 21st-century boost. Her upcoming release, Mercy Feet, is gathering a lot of excitement within the gospel community. Kerry Anne Panton started singing and writing her own music at the age of […]

Reputable for her unapologetic, fearless, and empowering music, Queenie continues to flaunt her dexterous flows and fiery pen game, except this time she takes it up a notch on her latest track “Manmade”. Taking us on a quick trip back to the golden era, the track encapsulates a nostalgic vocal flare in with a modern-day […]

Americana Southern Rock artist Sydney Hansen has committed her songwriting to reach out to her audience and provide relatable messaging and encouragement for those in need of a kind word and Getting Somewhere Slow is no exception. Sydney is coming off a mini-tour featuring top clubs in Nashville, TN., including: (3rd and Lindsley, Dawghouse, Tootsies […]

Filipino-Canadian indie artist Teaboi, recently released his 3-track single, entitled “dichotomy of emotions”, which is described as bring about, “The relationship and juxtaposition of clashing feelings. The harbored and the released, the cathartic and the regrettable.” The recording presents a mystical type of melancholia and introspection, as the producer quietly creates mesmerizing beauty. Each of […]

American producer KOLEKLEIN unveils massive debut single FEMBOT. This release features a cyber twist and colossal sound that brings a new unique fusion of Dubstep and Tearout to the festival scene. FEMBOT encapsulates a near future technology that has been merged with a human female ultimately going rogue and removing her free will. The debut […]

Shivendra is a Hip hop/Pop artist based in Los Angeles. Born on March 16, 1992, in India, Shivendra honed his lyric writing and music production talents at a young age. His vocal talent was eventually fostered at Dr. Graham’s Homes, a boarding school, where he delved into choral performances. He later graduated from Musicians Institute […]

Born and raised in San Francisco, California, on February 23, 1997, Lay Luscious is a Haitian-American rapper, model, musician, and LGBT influencer residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is a real performer with over 9 years of professional international entertainment experience. Lay’s ability to appear stunning, be ferocious, and be confident while not […]

Singer-songwriter Arilexx is always building melodies and hooks that take up space in listeners’ heads. After wearing her heart on her sleeve, she has now worn it in her songs. Arilexx prides herself in being able to make a song about nearly anything on her mind, if she can’t express it in literal words it’ll […]

It’s impressive when an artist is able to surprise listeners with fresh ideas and bold moves. The new single “This Web” by award-winning artist 3Mind Blight, is so epic, dramatic, beautiful and – at times – moving, that it’s enough to give listeners chills. It’s truly breathtaking, and has been executed with a meticulous care. […]

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