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My name is Cynthia Washington, and I’m from Hollywood, FL. I attended; Elementary, Jr. High, and High School in Broward; County. I also attended Community College, and a Private College & Vocational School in Broward County. The schools I attended provided Academic, and Skills, so I can get a productive career when I’m an adult. […]

Get ready for a new TIK TOK Anthem, TWERK and Dance song for the Party girls. ‘IT LOOK GOOD’ is a fun day in the sun in beautiful Miami, Wynwood with artist PAIGE and her 2 beautiful dancers. The Video is a day party with 3 beautiful women in Wynwood Graffiti area having fun jamming […]

The album, “Heart of the Golden Mystics” by Winchester 7 & the Runners – which officially drops on December 22 – is easily accessible on a surface level, and has a series of irresistible musical moments, that’s almost unparalleled. However buried in its underbelly is a complex and intriguing concept. “The album takes our work […]

Tavey is a singer, songwriter, producer from Fort Worth, TX. His signature falsetto, storytelling and infectious melodies have paved a lane in which he stands alone. Tavey creates a cinematic atmosphere that welcomes you into his world. At the age of Four years old he started singing and Tavey’s reputation continues to grow and flourish. […]

Den Kayo is an artist, DJ, and producer based in Los Angeles, California. He has his roots in Dance music and was always driven by catchy sounds and easy-to-remember melodies. Life is unpredictable. You either choose to embrace it or ignore your potential. My journey started with a happy coincidence. When I was 15 years […]

There has been plenty to say about Niecie over the years. Cashbox Magazine has said: “raw and soulful…rocking blues powerhouse”. Niecie was voted one of the Top 25 Women in Music by Blues-E News Magazine. Blues Blast Magazine said it best: “…. If you are an entertainer that is going to go by one name […]

DRAGG’s style is hard to box, he is versatile in his flow, but it’s rooted in hip-hop and R&B.  His songs tell woven tales of stories close to his heart. He doesn’t try to mask or refine things, delivering honest, poetic rhymes in the vernacular. He has a great voice and he transforms he’s experiences […]

Infinite aka Fluid, an incredibly talented artist from North Carolina is releasing his highly anticipated first full studio album titled “Ready 2 Try”. His musical influences are derived from hip-hop greats such as Nas, Wu-Tang Clan, and Notorious B.I.G. with a mixture of current concepts in musical sounds sonically, his lyrical ability as well as […]

Spiritual-Rap Masterpieces – The representative for the new face, mixed race of a new genre of Spiritual Rap. Renaissance Woman Rosalee (aka MOmmmRWR aka Rosalee Laws) Rosalee has been busy serving up some music medicine for the soul over the last year. A new emerging micro genre of spiritual-rap, and a sub-sub-genre is Starseed rap, […]

California-based pop artist MELAKU brings his signature classic rock and pop influenced sound to a new single, “Peace.” The song is about seeing the futility of fighting, and wondering whether or not we as individuals, and at large the collective, will self-destruct or learn to see our commonalities. Etheric pads lead along a wandering path […]

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