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After years spent in a lucrative retreat from the spotlight, multi-faceted musician/singer Randy Hall is in the midst of a hot streak as a recording artist as hot as his home base: Las Vegas! Randy Hall has enjoyed international chart-topping success with his solo single “How Do You Want Your Love” (co-composed with Kevin Toney, […]

In the pantheon of yearly debates, the topic of best hip-hop compilation albums isn’t a discussion that usually comes up, but it should. For over 25 years, releases from labels top labels have serviced the world with song collections that capture the imagination of fans, serving up a hodgepodge of unexpected talents and collaborations. While […]

For 13000 years, the Black Knight satellite is said to orbit our planet. There are many theories about this mysterious object. What is its purpose? Was it made to spy on us? Does it have an influence on our future destiny? Does it even exist? All these questions are discussed in “Black Knight”, the latest […]

M$NEY BA3 (money before anything else) is an upcoming artist, and 25 year old military veteran old from Cleveland Ohio. The urban artist has just drop his latest single “Florida Water”. M$NEY BA3 is an artist in the best sense of the word as he stretches his muscles throughout his catalog of songs. If you’re […]

Zero The Kidd is an upcoming artist in Boynton beach Florida, racking up a total of 10 million plays in his first year of making music. He is currently on radio rotation with the track “Wave”. We took the time to sit down and ask Zero The Kidd some questions. How did you come by […]

On June 7th Tommy Francisco, born and raised in Austin Texas, released his Ep titled “Remedy” on all major platforms. This Ep is already creating a major buzz throughout central Texas while also expanding abroad in places like South London, Lagos Nigeria, and more. With his unique production, writing and tone, Tommy brings a refreshing […]

Singer, songwriter and recording artist from Toronto, Canada, Bianca ‘Icielani’ Garcia is blessed with multiple ethnicities in her DNA that run from Northern, Western, and Eastern Europe, to Asia and Russia. She exhibits he same multicolored flavors in her music, having devoured R&B, Hip Hop, Dance, Rock, and Reggae influences while growing up. Her acclaimed […]

DOWNRIGHT is a driven and eclectic multi-genre collective based between Birmingham, AL & Nashville, TN. I say ‘multi-genre’ because I ran through a handful of their songs, and not one track sounds like another. DOWNRIGHT seem to explore many avenues of music, using both synth and guitar driven motifs. “Break Me Out” is the first […]

I really knew nothing about Invadable Harmony until I heard the song “Memory” on Spotify and so I was willing to give her whole playlist a listen. Definitely a pleasant surprise. Unlike a lot of ambient or New Age music, her compositions do not aimlessly meander or drone excessively. In fact, there is a plenty […]

The pain of a broken heart has long existed at the root of country music. And while love and loss has found its way into all genres of popular music, it’s presence within country has somewhat lessened I recent times, in favor of a particular lifestyle aesthetic. Packaged and presented to consumers as the commodity […]

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