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“This Circus is a Funeral” is a passionate, rousing and astonishingly focused album by The Meanwhile – a postmodern rock and emo 3-piece band from Springfield Mo, who take the approach that no sound is too big, too loud, too melodic, or too emotional to try, and they always pull off their grand ideas. Written […]

Granted, the song styles and arrangements are familiar, but Doug Cash’s resonant voice and his signature guitar seem imbued with a renewed energy and intensity on what is most definitely another career high with “Secrets” ft. Lauren Wakefield. The song mix and mashes a blend of expansive rock, pop and hip-hop. The President of Pryor […]

What’s good people? I go by the name FlipzWorld, I’m an upcoming music producer. Let me tell you guys a little bit about myself. Born in Sandusky, OH currently residing in Cleveland. Been making music since I was 8, now that I’m 32 I’m going all in for my career. I have tons of music […]

She’s Got a Way with Words. Her Novels, Screenplays and Songs Speak Volumes to Her Non-Stop Creativity ATLANTA, GA (February 11, 2022) – ANGEL HILSON, also known online as Angel the Author, is set to release a new single February 11th, in time for Valentine’s Day weekend. Working with Grammy-nominated, multiplatinum producer Jbeatzz and Grammy-winning […]

Colorado Springs artist and producer, SeparateSelf is an idealist, with dreams for the future that are bold and bright. In between, he likes to contemplate the fundamental experiences of being human. In 2022 the producer is already on his second single release, entitled “Love Drugged”, which hands us another one of his musical visions on […]

Still sounding as fresh and vibrant as when he first started out, Doug Cash roars back with his new video single release, “Fool Play 2”, highlighting his range and staking his claim as the king of versatility. Here the singer-songwriter, musician, producer, and CEO / Owner of Pryor 2 What ? Records and Music Publishing, gives us […]

Belfa is a 22 years old music producer from Switzerland. He is mostly known for the hit “everything i couldn’t be” who has more than 5 millions streams across the world. For his last single he teamed with Julia Alexa to release a new single titled “Mess.” The song begins with a cinematic piano and […]

Shayan Ali who goes by the moniker of ZINGA, a singer-songwriter who doesn’t confine himself to any one genre, was born in Bangladesh and grew up in Chicago. The moniker of ZINGA is derived from the Spanish word “Zingaro” which means Gypsy and meant to reflect the nomadic ways of the gypsies. ZINGA, whose father […]

LUXTHEREAL is a Phoenix based band with eclectic interests and musical expression in an increasingly genre and sample driven musical universe. The original music of LUXTHEREAL derives from its own unique synthesis of classic rock, new wave, power pop, techno/synth, blues, jazz, progressive rock, and beyond in their own captivating contribution to the new wave of […]

‘Avatar-band’ CellarHouse have resurfaced from their particular brand of virtual reality to showcase their forth single from their soon to be released album, Hard Times. Already Hyped by dance supremos, BeatPort, this track is going to cause more than a few ripples on the darkwave DJ turntables. All We Need is a dark brooding slice […]

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