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Both wizened and hardened by life’s experiences, struggles and joys, it should come as no surprise that Woodbridge, VA based hip-hop artist Mr.Reaper, has never taken any shortcuts in his craft, nor leave as much as an unpolished bar lingering on any of his tracks. A record that is fine-tuned to the utmost extent, his newest […]

First impressions go a long way, and give a sense of what an artist is made of and what can be expected of them in future. The single, “Purple Henny Pt.2” provides Texan artist Aaron Royal a chance to prove his worth and lay the groundwork for a foundation that is rooted in quality and […]

RocKidFitz is a 22-year-old independent artist from Rochester NY. He has lived through poverty, broken homes and crackheads, for most of his life, and has been making music since he was sixteen. RocKidFitz recently released a string of mixtapes, including “Fitz! Fitz!”, “Joshua”, and his latest, “Born 2 Make A Flip Vol. 2”. If you […]

Much like the legendary influences who preceded him, the Waterloo, Iowa based artist Hartsel is a special talent. His artistry offers a bridge between the past and the present in an authentically soulful way – a range best showcased in his album “A Place For Us”. Soul, R&B, Pop, Rock and even Dance flavors are […]

Colony Couch describe their music as “melancholy songs about apathetic relationships, lost friendships, mentally abusive ex’s and healing despite it all.” But if you’re expecting morbid slow-burning ballads, drowned in gloomy downtempo atmospheres, and awash with self-pity, think again. The Floridian two piece indie-rock/emo band, draw inspiration from the DIY nature of 80’s punk, second […]

Chicago’s rap scene is constantly evolving. Over the years, a wide range of notable hip-hop artists from area have churned out plenty of unforgettable music, and some fresh faces have made a lasting impact on the genre. In this era of social media and streaming, the playing field has expanded far beyond the limitations of […]

Akya, Daylon, and Rece piece together their individual styles into a working piece of collaborative art known as Standing By… On becoming friends, the East Texas-based crew launched their ambition to build a legacy in music. They honed their acquired skills and innate talents, until it gelled together to form a unit that feeds off […]

I’m almost certain that C Mayja is able to dive into any genre and make it his own. He has built a reputation as being one of the most diverse and multi-dimensional R&B artists on the modern day scene. His epic 25-track album “Love Wars Vol 1.” is an immersive and extensive reminder from the […]

Singer-songwriter JayGreen brings us his fusion of Afrobeats, Afropop and the Dancehall feel. His first single project “@Mi Like”, was released in 2019, garnering him thousands of listeners on digital platforms. He followed that up with “Boompa”, “Poom”, “Fi Real” and the 2-track EP “Pressure”, with George Adogu, which kept on fueling his momentum. Now […]

When the weather begins to drop and summer comes to an end, the urge to reconnect with our inner souls, establish newfound sensations or reflect on life’s struggles and broken relationships is at an all-time high. In a world where the future of the globe is as unpredictable as our own destinies, connecting through a […]

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