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The brand new single, “You’re Doing It All Wrong” by the Kevin Land Band is authentic and organic, bouncy, witty, classic, and classy, all at the same time. A mixture of sharp songwriting and adventurous alt-pop and indie-rock production, is blended with memorable lyrics and melodies to collect most of the winning stylistic evolutions that […]

Saxophonist, guitarist, pianist, drummer and hip-hop artist, Jim.E.Watts is an all-round musician who has been writing and producing music since his early teens. Artists such as Andre 3000, Lauryn Hill, Eyrka Badu, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Prince, Jamiroquai and Sade, influence the talented creative who grew up in Detroit Michigan. Jim.E.Watts really brought a new […]

The biggest and most interesting aspects of “My First Love”, the sophomore single by the artist Waterofelegance, was her sharing the emotional facets of her romanticism, womanhood, and femininity. Values, which are all but lost or twisted into vulgar and demeaning expressions in modern music. Instead, the singer-songwriter, who melded a blend of R&B with […]

Wayne Jersey brings together many different elements in his music, including several genre flavors, and often explores subject matter outside of mainstream rap. However, he never loses sight of the rap’s core elements – bars, flows and wordplay – and when it comes to freestyling he is on top of his game too. A white […]

A fresh Air Force BMT graduate, BlackJacketBoys, aka BJB, has been producing music since 2017 and mainly works with dubstep and trap. He recently dropped the single “Wendigo” ft. HY22, which will feature on his upcoming album, “Sellout”, set for a 2023 release. The eclectic producer has been putting out music so consistently over the […]

SwagRight Toni has had enough experiences in the industry to last her a lifetime, judging from her bio notes, and the tone of her latest single “Fake” her best, most fully realized work to date. Her records usually drop with spirited, outspoken displays of confrontation, assuredness and empowerment, with the twists in their temperance coming […]

Hailing from the south of France, Serge is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist and singer who launched the alternative rock project Nhimalia after a 15-year hiatus. The project dropped its first EP during October 2021, before signing with the label M&O Music. “Rules of the Game” is the second EP by Nhimalia, and will officially drop on […]

An ambient track that grabs your attention is indeed a paradox, and “Muse” by RED, does just that without fading wholly into the background or pushing itself blatantly into the forefront. You’d be hard-pressed to find a mellow and haunting ambient track this interesting and well-balanced. The more jangling elements are often just as beautiful […]

As is usually the case with any Lyrics Of Two song release, the highlight is usually the songwriting. The band hailing from Los Angeles – and captained by founder, songwriter, lyricist, poet, and author Marie Helen Abramyan – continue their time-honored tradition of delivering heartfelt confessionals, albeit with more psychological complexity and maturity than ever […]

A native of India, the 18-year-old emerging independent filmmaker, composer and multi-instrumentalist producer, Sommaiya Angrish currently lives in Tallahassee, and studies at Florida State University. He made his professional solo recording debut in 2020 with the single “Goals”, which introduced his genre transcending sound to the world. Sommaiya Angrish has since released a series of […]

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