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H2whoa’s electronic music is a mesmerizing blend of shuffling rhythms and melodies, featuring an impressive carousel of miscellaneous sounds waiting patiently for their turn to shine on the beat. There is the crunchy overdriven guitar sounds on “8 Pounds”, the 8-bit gaming flavors on “Expect Nothing”, the cinematic strings on “Executive Function”, and the rumbling […]

Detroit musician JonPaul Wallace is the kind of artist who deserves to have the world in the palm of his hand by now. His self-deprecating humor and extremely observant disposition, forms the foundation for his sure-fire songwriting talents. His latest single, “321”, written alongside producer Matt Geroux, once again places emphasis on JonPaul’s prodigious vocals. […]

There are several elements that make the Working Memory EP, “Searching” great. Layered vocals, shimmering, vibrant instrumental swells, and at times hopeful, yet yearning lyrics are all present throughout their assured indie-pop flavors. Working Memory sound like a quintessential modern act, with an air of togetherness that feels especially vital right now. But then that is […]

Project21 features a grand collaboration of artists from Germany, Jamaica, Ireland, Spain and Wales who connected through Covid-19 lockdowns. It was during the height of the pandemic that the humanitarian, naturist, and enigmatic artist, Y’urs, became deeply disturbed, by the ongoing and increasing tyranny of the establishment and its associated machinery, geared to dominating and […]

Born in Romania, OV UTE translocated to Brentwood, Tennessee, when he was just 8 months old. He has been producing beats, writing lyrics, and mixing his own audio since 2017. Currently he has a 16-track project out, called “Unwanted Love”. Here the performer and his production capabilities perfectly encapsulate their strengths, blending prodigious beats with […]

Supported by a mellifluous production, YM is able to reach his maximum potential on the single ‘Pressure’ ft. Charli. He writes his bars with such keen detail and clear images that it just takes one listen to become hooked to his vibe. Hailing out of Paterson, New Jersey, YM began his musical journey performing at […]

The Kings County-born Bri Ski Lavon was steadfastly on his path to cracking the Drill music code at the beginning of the Brooklyn Drill movement, when misfortune struck. His songs and visuals, such as, “Used 2 Hoop”, “Rest In Piss” featuring TNT Reaper Gang Artist TNT LUCCI, and the crackerjack single “Never Be Captured”, were […]

Although eighteen-year-old creative BCrazy from Raleigh, NC has been making music for only short while, his EP “Unbroken Vision”, seems to formally establish him as a name to watch. Rapping for just on a year, and seriously making music for about 3 months, BCrazy’s crisp voice, equally comfortable rapidly rasping out hard bars, or slowing […]

I fell in love with last year’s official solo debut single “Movin’ On”, by Wes Dean, which was a beautiful track marked by thoughtful lyrics, a sweet melody, and a platter full of guitar crunch. Dean created a really powerful, emotional sound, one that offered hope or at least some temporary transcendence in these dark […]

The album ‘In God We Trust Others Pay Cash’ is further proof that Tommy Tony can turn his hand to just about any musical project. Whether it’s down to the obvious passion and presence at the center of his music or simply his ability to pick productions which work for him, Tony can now boast […]

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