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Check out the new track by Brandon Jimerson “Moon Milk”, out on all platforms now! OFFICIAL LINKS: YouTube Soundcloud Where To Buy Your Music

I came up with this song almost ten years ago. I was on the phone with a guy, I was in a relationship with at the time and he worked on a ranch. He was very upset one day and he told me the calves on the ranch were neglected all day, never fed or […]

Check out Untold Beats, who claims to be just your average music artist, with his latest track, “High School Rock”. Untold Beats · High School Rock OFFICIAL LINKS: Instagram http Spotify Soundcloud Youtube

I just started rapping this year 2022. This is my first single ever. I was inspired to write this song because I was creating a set design for a space photoshoot of myself because I model as well. Then after buying all the props for the shoot it made me want to write a song […]

The issue of disproportionate quarantine supplies in many low-income countries in Africa and Central Asia due to the COVID-19 pandemic and various after-effects of the pandemic are problems that should be solved through transnational organizations. The purpose of the campaign “ON THE WAY”, a global charity to help overcome the issues above, is to create […]

Living Darian was born & raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. He began in music at age 10 by learning the drums. He started writing his own music at 14, recording at 16 and had his own studio at 18. He’s the son of Calvin Goshade who, played guitar with legends such as James Brown & Otis […]

Katie Louise started as an aspiring concert pianist playing Carnegie Hall with the Empire State Youth Orchestra at age 16. Now, she lives in LA and writes pop songs that feature ear-candy lyrics and impressive piano solos from her past life. Her first EP ‘Unleash’ was a release of her teenage angst in an Evanescence-Adele […]

Shawn Cook (Formerly known as “Vital”) is an artist with a focus on creating original music that lets different genres overlap. From the punch of classic hip-hop, down to the melodies of melodic trap, Shawn Cook blends in all of these different influences very tastefully, going for a distinctive and one-of-a-kind sound. His most recent […]

Today’s guest is rap artist, T-Ray Da Don. T-Ray is straight out of Marshall, Texas. T-Ray’s sound is glossy and trapcentric similar to southern artists such as Yo Gotti, T.I., and 2 Chainz. T-Ray’s charisma and vibe will definitely land him on major festival stages. We discovered his motion on social media so we had […]

Following hot on the string of successes that solo artist Kelsie Kimberlin has created through her music over the past two years that has seen her songs/videos like “Lobotomy,” “American Guns,” “Right Place Wrong Time,” “Masterpiece” and more, soar into hundreds of thousands/millions of clicks and views from around the world – it was perfectly […]

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