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The 21-year-old singer and actress MAYR, has overcome many obstacles due to her learning disability, leading her to dedicate her life to being an anti-bullying advocate. In addition, the feeling of being invisible and alone led her to a solid commitment to her passion for songwriting. As a junior majoring in the Honors College at […]

Jesica Yap’s new video, “Holding Strong,” premiered on April 13, 2022. The music video starts in black and white, a haunting throwback to the 1942 hit movie, Casablanca. The music video itself took 2 days to shoot . It was shot at Jesica’s home studio, and at the gorgeous Topanga Canyon Beach. Watch it now […]

Brain Problems, Heart Breaks and Instant Solutions:  Countries, individuals and people within their own brains are having many difficulties these days.  A spiritual counselor for decades, Dr. Laurie Moore helps people remember that peace is instantaneously available.  ‘Peripatetic Sun Openings’, by singer-songwriter Laurie Alison Moore reminds us that the answer to our problems is now. […]

D. Anthem in “The Butterfly Effect” rises to meet the ever testing patience factor in individual growth within relationships; rapping with tranquility through his definiteness and hope that his partner stays devoted to his climb, as he already foresees his evolution. “If you can love me when I am low, you can have me when […]

After ending up in Alberta hospital because of a wild car accident and a police foot chase due to a life threatening manic episode. Wiesinger had nothing else to do other than learn guitar and spend days writing songs alone hoping that his depression will pass. Now Wiesinger is a singer who gained popularity within […]

The AMPED SERIES (VOL 01) is a Streamtrax album release written specifically for gamers to enhance their live streams. Streamtrax provides a range of 100% DMCA safe, free music for live Twitch and YouTube streamers. Level Up your channel and grow your community by adding Streamtrax music. Our music is available on all major music […]

Bi6 Steph is from the Southside of Chicago, and started rapping when he was 3. Now 18 years old, his life has been influenced by music and rhythm, as well as the search for wisdom, which he relishes in. “Bi6 means Born Into 6reatness,” explains the artist. “I chose a 6 instead of a G because I’m different,” he concludes. Bi6 […]

Toronto-based comedian Emily Misura has announced the release of her debut comedy album Trigger Warning. It releases across all platforms on 4/20, but you can pre-save it now HERE. This album is described as irreverent, ironic and irrevocably prolapsed. It covers almost anything you can think of in a very wylin’ 45 minutes of fuckery: […]

The Laia Kay Band performs a unique folk-rock sound with covers and originals from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Laia Kay, guitarist/songwriter and singer, strums with a bass player and is joined on stage with male vocalist, Lenny. Laia Kay’s roots: I was an introspective child with lots of flaws and insecurities, which I […]

The Single King Natario “King” Johnson, the very well-known Songwriter/artist known as The Single King has been producing and writing music for major artists such as Puff Daddy (Diddy), Mims, Trina, Lil Twist, Trey Songz, Red Rat, Ker Hilson, Timbaland, Natalia Kills, Jeremih, and Sebastian Mikael since 2003. A mix of Bahamian/British blood, King grew […]

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