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Rob Georg, growing up around the Cold War in Germany, remembers the pain and the sighs of relief as he melodically tells of his story in the hopeful “Cold War” release. Hoping to help listeners learn from the past, the “Cold War” singer shares the night his life was forever changed in hope to cast […]

The musical legacy of Luca Draccar continues to unfold with the release of his newest EP titled Supreme Emptiness. Like many of his previous releases, Draccar’s latest effort is full of depth and tells a story at the same time. Draccar graduated from the Bauhaus Universität Weimar, faculty Gestaltung, in multimedia communication and interactive design. […]

Rhythm and Blues (R&B) is a genre that has birthed so many of the current music subgenres. In the UK music industry, many artists are today regarded as “pop” artists, but in reality, they are R&B artists. R&B originated in the 1940s. Its name originated from record companies that used to describe recordings marketed predominantly […]

Harlem’s Hip Hop artist, Portervelli “Never gon touch it” takes an iron grasp on the industry. Unbreakable, Portervelli’s latest single “Never gon touch it” from his latest album “Son of a Hustler ” is the chef’s kiss amount of streetwise, a must listen for all. The witty wordplay rapper, Portervelli’s encore delivery of verses in […]

North Carolina’s rising star, Lil’ C. Corleone, drops his new single “The Allure”. This song embodies the frustration of a person struggling to continue to do the right thing and not fall into their old habits. This is riding music for those who are into street raps, lyricism, and authenticity. Christopher LeMarc Peterson (Born February […]

I’m TheReal G.E, a Rapper from Brazil living in Norway. I’ve been rapping for 2 years. Throughout the years of my life I’ve always had challenges in my daily life, and that made me stronger mentally which I wanted to share throughout my music. That is why I’ve made the song “The Dragon” from my […]

Hayden Grove grew up in the era of boy bands and hip hop, but it was love at first listen when the sounds of Frank Sinatra, Bobby Darin, Elvis Presley and more hit his ears. As he grew up and his voice matured, his love for the music developed into a style of his own, […]

Inspired by the greats yet devoted to authenticity as an artist, Boston’s Kyle Lucas brings a treasured edge of intention and heart to modern pop. Openly influenced by the likes of Van Morrison as much so as Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith and Adele, Kyle’s organic folk-pop arrangements follow soulful melodies and revealing lyrics, through an […]

Hip Hop artist rapper/singer and lyricist Nubia Emmon has announced her new single Trip and fans can hear the smooth track on most major streaming platforms. Coming out of the pandemic, Nubia didn’t stop but continued performing in various virtual and live venues and worked on getting new material produced. Trip marks her first single […]

Henry Lee is an American singer, producer and songwriter from Louisville, KY. Influence by groups such as Boyz ll Men, Jagged Edge and 112 etc. “The inspiration behind the song “Next Time” ft. Breana Marin, is me being honest about relationships in today’s world. I felt like it was time to set aside the lovey-dovey […]

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