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New York City sound meets that ATL bump in this bass thumping, Dirty South infusion! Triggerrun Productions (TRP), has reemerged on the scene with incredible force. The ensemble introduced the world to revolutionary choreography, sparking a worldwide dance craze, and inspiring spin-offs like America’s Best Dance Crew, You Got Served, and Stomp the Yard. Triggerrun […]

The musical talent behind Cordell Winter roams upon the psyche of any daring listener. An experience that truly can be described as illuminating, Cordell Winter propels one into encountering the extremes of every situation. Through the liberating mystique behind the poetry and lyrics of Cordell Winter, all will feel the comfort of pushing the mind […]

Melanie Button is an American singer-songwriter from Southern California who has crafted a blend of sultry and smooth melodic tones. She is multi-faceted as a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, and sound engineer, but collaborates with a passionate team. She takes us on journeys of love, heartbreak and rising like the phoenix from the ashes. A star on […]

Canadian hip-hop artist and songwriter ‘EB the MC’ debuts short film-style music video titled Magic. The official music video marks EB’s first single-specific visual production. For EB, and creator culture as a whole, the road to success is often long and filled with uncertainty, but what makes the journey so exciting is the unpredictable touches […]

If you asked Kelly Romo where she’s from, you probably wouldn’t get a straight answer. Growing up across the globe, her musical influences stretch far beyond her previous addresses. Emerging from the late-night DJ scene in an effort to protect her mental health, she stepped away from the decks and further into herself with her […]

Music Artist, Performer, Actress and Miss Fitspiration 2018 PH, from the Philippines, Sheng Belmonte recently moved to the United States and is ready to share her music to a wider audience. Sheng’s voice hit the airwaves in the Philippines with an award winning song (Best Collaboration and Best Rap Recording in 2012 Awit Awards, PH) […]

Sammie B is a pain turned passion-driven, authentic artist from NY. It took overcoming loss, heartbreak, depression, and addiction for her to find her purpose in life. As expressed in her music, Sammie B is clear of her vision and is already making an impact. “Elevate” is a reflection of an elevated mindset, ambitious energy […]

In life, one must be fierce. Add a T and now you have Ti3rc3. No “e’s”, only “3’s” for alignment. Integrating mind, body, and soul, Ti3rc3 uses music to bring healing in such a creative outlook. In favor of new beginnings and discovering the depths of what resonates with our soul, Ti3rc3 enlightens you on […]

Miami Based AfroTech Muzik is thrilled to announce the latest release from Frank Delour, ‘Closer’ available on all platforms November 4th, 2022. “This release was inspired by the minimal house tracks lighting up the dance floors”. ‘Closer’ is a melodic and infectious deep house experience. Hypnotic rhythms and sensual vocals dispersed throughout the track while […]

Neil – of Neil McGettigan and The Eleventh Hour – has drawn a lot of inspiration from artists like Fountains of Wayne, Colin Hay, and The Beatles (of course). He is very much drawn to power-pop, and most of his songs are in that style. He had a lot of fun writing this song. After […]

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