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“I’m an Emcee/Poet from the DMV area. I have been on the local hip-hop scene for 12½ years. I have my own original style. My flow is homegrown. When you hear me, you will already know who it is. My single “Represent” is a club anthem. I wanted to make a regional song for my […]

Hailing from Seattle, Washington, Sevenleafs is an up and coming artist with a penchant for writing infectious tunes and relatable narratives. Inspired by all things around her including sights, sounds and events, Sevenleafs’ music journey began at a tender age where she started intuitively learning how to communicate with music, when words fail. Being an […]

Nathalie Miranda fuses power-house vocals with an incredibly unique, soulful tone unlike any other voice out there right now. The voice and energy is distinctly Nathalie Miranda – the UK’s answer to the US Uber Divas. This artist is single-handedly paving her own way in this industry and there’s no doubt that she is 100% […]

Dr Kings Oturu is a British Nigerian based in Scotland. With a medical background, he is an artist, author and teacher among other talents. He is originally from Ariam Usaka, Ikwuano LGA, Abia State, Nigeria. He gave his life to Christ while in Kings’ College Lagos in 1989. He is a serial social entrepreneur having […]

I am Onaje’ from New Orleans, La. I’m from a huge artistic family. I’ve been a hip hop head since the age 10 years old. The first rap I ever learned verbatim was “Scarface”. I wrote my very first verse at 13 years old. My early influences include Percy Pete (my older brother now known […]

Broadly labeled as a singer-songwriter, musician, producer, and CEO / Owner of Pryor 2 What ? Records and Music Publishing, Doug Cash has a distinctively soulful voice. You’ll hear Americana flavors in both Doug’s voice and guitar work. As a result, he appeals to fans of many organic-based genres. He has the right combination of grit […]

SINNITEE is a black 21-year-old experimental electronic artist from Jamaica, currently residing in Florida. They currently operates their brand/label called CYBERPOLLUTION, which they recently launched alongside their album “Chaos Angel: Chaos Theory” on January 1st of 2022. SINNITEE, who does all of their own cover artwork,  works frequently alongside artists such as Drew Nevaeh, and […]

The Midwest, conscious trap rapper DooWop40 is thrilled to announce the release of his latest single, “Bet It Up.” The track dropped Feb. 26, 2022 on YAYOCLUB ENTERTAINMENT label. “Bet It Up” was written while DooWop40 was in Lexington, KY federal prison on a firearms charge. He wrote the song to a beat he had […]

Aiming to make the world a better place, one record at a time, the optimistic enthusiasm of multi-genre artist Craymo will have you basking in the buoyant energy surrounding him. Looking to leave behind a legacy with the enticing melodies heard in “One Love One World,” Craymo deems this record as one of his proudest […]

“Raised in a strong Christian family, but with my father being murdered while I was young I often saw the bad perspectives versus the good, as a youth. Age has taught me differently. Through it all, music and spoken word has been the solid grounding for me, as it is for so many. GOD has […]

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