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Indie-Artist releases powerful ballad to close a chapter of her life where addiction and heartbreak prevailed, and “Love Had to Lose”. After experiencing the storms of addiction with a loved one, Allie Torto turned to songwriting as an outlet during her struggle with the loss of a relationship. It was then that she wrote her […]

Originated from Pori Finland comes an artist who combines high belly synths with a dash of Rock & Roll, EDM elements with slices of Funk and your musical stew is ready to go. With an attitude-filled vocal performances and universal stories inside the lyrics, anybody and everybody can find a story to relate to. Willjoy […]

Streamtrax provides a range of safe, free chill music for live Twitch and YouTube streamers in IRL, Just Chatting and other channel categories. Level Up your channel and grow your community by adding Streamtrax music. Their music is available on all major music streaming platforms that easily integrate with live streaming broadcast applications. Feel free […]

“Next Level” streaming on all digital platforms, the conscious rapper takes listeners on a drive through his solid hustle and definitive mindset to achieve massive gains. The release of “Next Level” follows the unstoppable success of Grisha Consta’s album “Immigrant” which has garnered thousands of streams worldwide. Continuing to pursue his endeavors as a successful […]

Cylencer is a hot new emerging hip-hop artist from Philly. Unique and different from all the rest. He comes from a mixed background. He presents a unique look, flow, and style of rap. Similar to the grimy, dark voice and style of Sticky Fingaz from the 90’s group, Onyx. Inspirations are artists from the 90’s […]

Austin Alchemy is definitely not your average artist. He is a multidimensional-multifaceted rapper and producer who also makes ambient and dance music. “Yeah, I know, pretty crazy. I refer to myself as a sound alchemist. Meaning I use the power of sound to help inspire and empower others as well as inform in hopes of […]

Larry Soundz is a Beatmaker, Producer, DJ, & Sketch Artist who is promoting his beat “Sound da hornz”. “I heard the horns and knew that I could make a full track out of it. It reminded me of Diamond D’s produced beat for Fat Joe for a record named “Flow Joe”. What makes me different […]

“What’s going on, it’s ya boy Yaya Montana aka Mr It’s Yaya Baby Naptown’s finest and your now tapped in to the hottest thing to hit the map!” Yaya Montana is an independent rapper from Indianapolis, Indiana. The rising star is making a name for himself down south through Trap, R&B and the influence of […]

Carl Lee Davis Jr. alias Blacklight needs no introduction as his reputation as a virtuoso EDM producer precedes him. He has taken over the electronic sonic space with his consistent groundbreaking releases that are filled with creativity and positive vibes all the way true to his vision and mission of spreading that positivity, inspiration, Peace, […]

Ratios of Compression is the solo project of Joe Barton (lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for Finding Parnell). Inspired by his personal experiences, including time within the Texas foster care system as an adolescent, becoming a husband and father, and earning his doctoral degree in psychology, Barton explores many personal and self-reflective themes with Ratios […]

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