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We all need breaks, especially after a rough year for everyone. Berblan wrote the song “Need A Break” because during her finals that had become her inspiration for this amazing song. It has a simple baseline but a catchy rhythm and tune, so feel free to sing along to this song. OFFICIAL LINKS: Instagram […]

Finding Parnell is an independent band made up of three brothers living in Texas. Having grown up playing and performing together, they now focus their creative efforts in writing and producing original songs that reflect each of their unique inspirations and artistic personalities. Lines and Circles is the second ambitious single from the trio. Fans […]

DEMPT (Kevin Jose) is an M.C. / Lyricist stationed out of Massachusetts. He started writing lyrics in 2007 as a College Student at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. His early motivations were to give a more educated and influential sound to the hip hop scene. DEMPT is an acronym for Diligence Earns More Power Trust. […]

Streamtrax is an independent, specifically curated catalogue of all 100% copyright free music to fully support live streamers (e.g. Twitch, YouTube, etc.) around the world. They provide a wide range of amazing, safe, free music to enhance and grow your channel and community without the worries of copyright claims, strikes or DMCA take down notices. […]

LA Rock band Lunarcode release their debut album ‘Stories Untold’. An eclectic mix of tracks that showcase the bands classic rock sound mixed with lighter Pop and even some Reggae vibes. Having already caught the eye of Orange amps bringing the band on for an endorsement deal, their highly anticipated upcoming album is one not […]

Ronny E, ex-inmate, discovered the talent of writing poems to pass the time in a positive way. While in prison he saw and listened to all wannabe rappers practicing the craft. Ronny focused on making his poems and writing songs, but never thinking about rapping. In 2017 he learned how to freestyle rap and found […]

Terrance Justin Ulysse, known professionally as Baybro T, is a Brooklyn artist who was born to be a star. In his very early life, he was never really into music or anything of the sort. Just gaming and having a regular school life with his friends. However, that all changed quickly at the age of […]

Michael Pearcy Jr a.k.a. Marako Kage is a Singer, Rapper, Songwriter, and Producer from Cleveland, Ohio, who formally went by names such as Mikaro2K14 & Luctus Vigintiduo. On February 22nd 2022, Marako Kage released his 1st single “Ambush” from his upcoming EP called “Reign” which is expected to be released Spring 2022. Marako Kage is […]

DJ Bassassin has released a new project: “Padre Gang” (Featuring San Diego rap icon Mitchy Slick). It takes a lot of creativity to bring innovation to the Hip-Hop genre in this day and age, especially considered how over saturated the music landscape is. However, somebody special comes along every once in a while; and this […]

Two hundred and sixteen days after dropping his last EP, Luca Draccar decides to quench his fans’ thirst this March when he will be dropping his new EP, Sugar. Luca is an Italian electronic music artist based in Germany’s capital Berlin. He has been making music professionally for a couple of years now. His roots […]

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