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Vievanessa’s “Walk On By” defies industry standards as a LIVE vocal and guitar performance transformed into a dazzling soul/house remix of old school vibes mixed with a contemporary pop edge. The natural vocals in this rendition of the Dionne Warwick tune brings a classic energy that shows technology can still sometimes take a back seat […]

This song was inspired by fear, the fear we face being our authentic selves. Fear of accomplishing our wildest dreams because we are afraid of judgment if we fail. The illusions in our minds that we must battle constantly. Once we defeat that fear we find purpose in our passions and can become our greatest […]

Javon Heard also known as HBJaytv is an artist hidden in the dept. of “The void” just dropping his latest single Mirror Gazing he pushes out a positive message to those he call The Chosen ones. “Mirror gazing is about looking in the mirror and choosing the path that God has for you” he says […]

Coming back from the wilderness after a long sabbatical, DJ Forrest Getemgump returns with his brand new single titled One Time. A transcendental Deep House affair, it strikes an exquisite pose as the luscious warm beats create a world of constantly evolving sound. It is hardly surprising that One Time hits all the right notes […]

Singer/Songwriter Michael B. Sutton has mischievously taken some sultry musical steps to ensure that amorous couples can postpone using electric blankets this Fall with his sho’ `nuff soulful grown folks’ groove, “Sexual.” Lyrically, this most righteous jam is the more up-tempo answer record to Marvin Gaye’s 5 A.M. morning lovin’ classic “Sexual Healing,” playing like […]

My name is Ben Kierszh, musically known as Kierszhmeister. I was born and raised in Appleton, WI. and I started producing music in November 2019. In January 2021, I wrote ‘I Don’t Deserve A Princess Like You’ based on a dream I had around that same time. Writing this song felt life changing for me […]

Busting out of Florida and New York with tight rhymes, $windlaaa is turning heads with his hard-hitting rap tunes. On October 5th $windlaaa released his project ‘Late Night Thoughts’. Spanning 21 tracks, the new project recounts the rough circumstances of his upbringing and emotional setbacks. In a recent ‘On the Radar’ interview, $windlaaa discussed the […]

Bob Zamida is a creative, passionate, professional producer and musician. All of which is underlined and highlighted on his 14-track album “Apollo”. The artist makes it clear from the start of this recording that his art cannot be written into any corner as he consistently switches it up stylistically. His rap and trap infused soundscapes […]

The emerging rapper, Young Froze, has released his new single “Ten Toes Down,” which features brilliant sound design and heavy lyricism. Through the single, the rapper has delivered an impressive output while pumping out the essence of contemporary hip-hop music. The track features an enthralling soundscape enriched with compelling grooves. The music captivates with a […]

et0915 released his second album this week; a catalog of his most recent work and instrumentals. The album ‘gain and loss’ is a catalog of a variety of instrumentals, from slow and mellow indie folk tracks, to high-paced electronic tracks. When asked to comment on the album, et0915 said: “I produced this album while severe […]

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