HighRoller DP: “Welcome To The HotBox EP” treats each individual work like a grand production!

Written by on 10 March 2017

Based in Michigan HighRoller DP is a 17 year-old artist repping the HighRoller Gang. A few months ago he dropped the “Welcome To The HotBox EP” Produced by Get Fresh Studios. A quick glance at the roster of today’s biggest rap stars and you’ll find artist after artist engulfed in the cosmic misery of achieving an empty life of status, strippers, and the inability to cop a latte at Starbucks without being recognized. The terminal bleakness of the good life might be millennial rap’s signifying spirit. Thus, to hear a seventeen rapper simply appreciate all the little hedonistic things happening in his growing life can be revelatory for fans who are little tired of all the 808s and heartbreak of his bigger brothers.

HighRoller DP

HighRoller DP

HighRoller DP doesn’t lament a life of extravagance in his music. The Michigan MC doesn’t bother to ponder if the size of his bank account will prevent true emotional connection or if fame traps the soul. Instead, he’s a rapper unafraid to simply celebrate his blessed existence. Why sulk, when you can smoke, fuck and trip out at will…and you’re young enough to do it for a whole lot of years to come!

HighRoller DP is ready to carve out an underground lane of success starting with “Welcome To The HotBox EP” which is based on breezy beats and stoner charm. It’s a winning formula that will almost certainly gain him momentum among hip-hop fans, and an endless array of albums, mixtapes, and EPs to be released over the next few years.

He may not be doing anything do groundbreaking on this EP, but HighRoller DP is very good at what he does: riffing on money, women, weed, and other obscure moments of hustling and playing. He must be a bit of a cinephile, as he treats each individual work like a grand production – with spoken interludes and intros embellishing the songs and narratives. HighRoller DP is a purveyor of lifestyle rap.

His song titles, often named after random, inanimate objects or varied actions – “Papers”, “Assistance”, “Daily Routine”, “Zips” and “Leecher” , testify to his ability to find something worthy of appreciation in the seemingly ordinary.

Being a control variable rapper means that production typically would influence the quality of HighRoller DP’s lyrical output. So Get Fresh Studios, who produced the bulk of “Welcome To The HotBox EP”, definitely helps makes this EP be so strong.

HighRoller DP’s keen beat selection proves to be well-executed, enhancing the listening experience and giving certain songs added replay value over and above their own merits. “Paper”, “Daily Routine” and “Zips” fits in nicely with the overall ambience of the EP’s track list, but have extra gravitational pull due to the interesting production.

Having said that, all tracks on “Welcome To The HotBox EP” well exceed ‘mediocre’ status or the infamous ‘filler’ title, as all of the songs here function as gripping material.


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