Alternative Rock

With the release of “Come Back”, Brian Bourgault has delivered 4 studio singles and an album within the course of 2022. This prolific sequence might produce listener whiplash following the kinetic intensity and rock n’ roll fierceness of these works. Yet, even with their tonal and tempo differences, these recordings give testimony to a season […]

“Appreciate The Time” is an album packed, and I mean packed with absolute alternative rock bangers. One after another you get sucked right into the addictive songwriting of Tomorrow’s Fate. Their beautifully vibrant, gritty, yet melodic style just grips you from start to finish, and you’ll find yourself twelve tracks in, wondering where the hell […]

New Zealand Alt-Rock band Voodoo Bloo release latest AB side single ‘We’re Here, Love Is Somewhere Else’ and ‘Default’, taken from their upcoming album ‘The Blessed Ghost’, due for release on July 15. The first single ‘We’re Here, Love Is Somewhere Else’ is a dreamy uplifting rock track. Speaking to how much space paranoia and […]

A musical appeal to peace! With their new single Be Human the band releases an important statement for peaceful coexistence and calls people to reason.  After celebrating their debut with their single Son come home in January last year, followed by Don’t forget to rock in June, a driving alternative rock composition which filled […]

Based in the creative heart of New York, singer-songwriter Chris Suswal, simply known as Suswal, is steadily building his catalog and his brand, with a blend of acoustic and electric driven songs that walk the line between heartfelt Americana and gritty alternative rock. The force from his music is immediate, as deep, lush layers of […]

“This Circus is a Funeral” is a passionate, rousing and astonishingly focused album by The Meanwhile – a postmodern rock and emo 3-piece band from Springfield Mo, who take the approach that no sound is too big, too loud, too melodic, or too emotional to try, and they always pull off their grand ideas. Written […]

You probably think you know precisely what 3Mind Blight’s single, “Silenced By The Sound” is going to sound like. To date, the award winning artist, musician and songwriter’s previous excursions have been exercises in expansive variety, crossing from Metal, Orchestral and Rock, to Hip-Hop, Rap, Pop, and Alt Rock. It takes all of about 10 seconds […]

Anfernee Harman aka Farron Gordon is an artist from Melbourne Florida who’s been recording music since 2019, and writing music since he was 17 years old. Anfernee has always had a passion for music even at a young age rapping and singing along to his favorite songs. His junior year in high school he started […]

The true scope L.A. punk rock group, Social Distance’s talent, is most prevalent in their single “I’m Outside Your House”. With straight-talking lyricism and dynamic instruments, this track is a must-listen for any fans of punk, rock or alternative music. The verses are bombastic, with pounding drums, rumbling bass, and screeching guitars — all crescendoing to […]

“A State of Mental Confusion”, the album by the French –Portuguese band Insane Blue, has an uncanniness, a captivatingly innovative freshness that’s both hypnotic and imposing. It also manages to neatly encapsulate the band’s overall approach to their art. The music it contains is majestic and vast, sweeping and often awe-inspiring. Yet it’s also ethereally […]

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