Justbeinamby (Just-Be-In-Amby) Nickname “Amby” is a social media influencer with a niche for fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Amby is from California, and was born on June 30th. Amby’s first project was a short series on Instagram and this progressed into collaborations on the YouTube and TikTok platforms. Amby has been influencing for over two year […]

Snagev is a breakout music producer that is currently based in Los Angeles, California. He is known for his unique pop and hip-hop sound and his vegan lifestyle, which he incorporates in his lyrics and music. Snagev is the founder of the producer collective known as Bad Vegans, which he founded in late-2018. The collective […]

Trav Murray is an artist and songwriter who definitely sets the bar higher than the average artist with his unique sound and one-of-a-kind creativity. Most recently Trav Murray collaborated with Trinity Rose on a new song titled “What You Said.” As they say, alone is good, but together is best. The strength of this artistic […]

Born and raised in Los Angeles California, I have always been a fan of music, with a love for rap and hip hop. My father has been making music his entire life. I believe that’s why making music came so natural to me, because it’s in my bloodline. I started making music in June of […]

Currently residing in Oakland, the California native, WolfHawkJaguar, is a prolific musician, actor, film maker and educator. His latest release, is the single “Rewards”. The song is for those who have lost faith and courage, but still go forward, and in the end faith and courage returns, describes the single’s footnotes. From its first bars, […]

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