Sherry Amour does more than sing on her single, “Changing,” she touches the heart and speaks to the soul. Chicago, IL native, Sherry Amour is the singer, songwriter, and recording artist with the voice of a goddess known for her music that exudes R&B, Soul, and funk. Influenced by timeless icons like Whitney Houston, Stevie […]

Bi6 Steph is from the Southside of Chicago, and started rapping when he was 3. Now 18 years old, his life has been influenced by music and rhythm, as well as the search for wisdom, which he relishes in. “Bi6 means Born Into 6reatness,” explains the artist. “I chose a 6 instead of a G because I’m different,” he concludes. Bi6 […]

Shayan Ali who goes by the moniker of ZINGA, a singer-songwriter who doesn’t confine himself to any one genre, was born in Bangladesh and grew up in Chicago. The moniker of ZINGA is derived from the Spanish word “Zingaro” which means Gypsy and meant to reflect the nomadic ways of the gypsies. ZINGA, whose father […]

Chicago musician Sarantos releases “Love Always Wins” on February 1st, 2022. It’s the follow-up to his UK iTunes hit, “A Spoonful of Greece.” CHICAGO, IL, USA – Diversity. That’s how one could label prolific chart-topper, Sarantos’ eclectic and ever-changing musical styles. From pop and rock to country, new age, jazz and rap, the Chicago-based artist […]

In a musical realm like hip-hop, the rate of creation helps ensure that new music is always available – that rappers and producers from any corner of the world can release something fresh, interesting, and occasionally even influential at any moment. It happens often. What doesn’t happen often is stumbling across something that feels eternally […]

King Chosen1 is a music recording artist from Chicago IL. King is twenty-seven years old and started making music at sixteen years old. King is very serious about his craft and music career. He has invested a lot into his career and his proud of his team. King is a very humble and modest artist. […]

Jushay Signature is a Chicago-based independent musical artist. She began her musical journey at the age of merely eight years old. Jushay is beyond profound about her musical journey as she is highly passionate about this field, and that passion is always reflected in her work. She has been making music for 10+ years and […]

At the fulcrum of an evolving hip-hop scene, from Chicago, IL, comes Tony Ross, a multi-talented vocalist and rapper who dons the moniker of Tone Ross. Making music that is driven by a desire to motivate, inspire, and tell his story his way, Tone Ross’ overarching ambition is to empower people through his gift, to […]

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