NEW EP ‘COME OUTSIDE’ OUT NOW After a successful tour with The Dangerous Summer in late 2019, The BRKN was road ready and revitalized more than ever as they geared up for a late winter 2020 run to support their debut EP, No. 3, but after one date the world went into quarantine due to […]

The Berlin-based producer Luca Draccar takes his listeners on a steamy musical journey upon the release of his new EP titled Neo Noir Plaisir. This sophisticated 3-track extravaganza is filled with tempered beats and rich melodies. Fans of dance and techno music will find Luca Draccar’s latest effort an innovative gem. Neo Noir Plaisir begins […]

The long playing single, “What are you waiting for?” by the DJ/Producer duo Doppe & Kokke is more gorgeous than you can imagine. The beat, the bass, the lush keyboard arrangement, the soulful vocals; everything here is blissfully effortless. The influences are clear; Deep House grooves and Tropical House scales are masterfully scattered across the […]

DJ Geez, born Glen Simmons started developing his musical skills at an early age while exploring and experimenting with several instruments through the local church. The cello, saxophone, electric guitar, the drums, and most importantly the piano. These were some of the instruments learned by Dj Geez which carried over into the phenomenal talent we […]

If there’s one thing that Paolo Virdis does well, it’s his innate ability to transport listeners to otherworldly places through his music. His latest EP, ‘Confessions Of A Romantic Demon’ is no exception, a Darkwave/Darksynth project that encapsulates exactly why the Italian-based artist is turning heads with his brand of brooding and menacing Post-Punk. The […]

“I’m not lonely – I’m alone.” This sentence inspired the Austrian singer KIRAYA to write her first single “Alone”. With this song she freed herself from every toxic and negative relationship around her. She cut everything and everyone holding her back out of her life and decided to go her own way, to become the […]

This song is about change. I have moved around a lot and it’s never easy to live somewhere you have been for a second. Change is difficult but necessary. Even just emotional change or change in behavior. The beauty of certain electronic genres inspired me to write the song. After it was written, I reached […]

Music is not only sound for my ears, music is so much more for me. I got my first guitar when I was around 6 y/o from my grandfather, sadly he passed away a few years ago, and since that I started to produce my own music. All of my writings, either texts or instrumental, […]

Hi there! I’m Valerie aka Valty, and I write my songs in Moscow, Russia. I love listening to English and German music that’s why I use both of these languages in creating my own sound. The song “More” is my 10th single. This time I wanted to make something really light, relaxing and enjoyable. So […]

‘419’ stands for FOR ONE NIGHT, an homage to the one night stand- to love intensely and forget quickly. The brief EP is packed with passion and feeling as the opening track ‘Dadaism’ softly permeates into existence through spacious pads, distant chords, and ambient dribbling kicks. As the fire rises thunderous percussion takes center stage […]

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