Presley Duyck

Presley Duyck, hailing from Frisco, Texas, is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. With a lifetime of singing under her belt, she was on the cusp of realizing her dream role in a dream show, before the pandemic of 2020 struck and the show was abruptly cancelled. Instead of letting this […]

Beneath the musical flash of her warm and engaging production template, on her latest single “My Someone”, Presley Duyck has changed only to the extent that she is more confident in her abilities as a writer and performer. She remains a meticulous lyricist with a profound personal perspective. She is deeply focused on the power […]

Presley Duyck isn’t exactly what she seems. If you came across the stunning singer-songwriter anywhere on the internet, you’ll be praising her beauty and expecting her songs to be cookie-cut pop. Instead Presley is a student of her art. Across her previous singles “Juliet”, “Passenger Seat”, and “Happy 22!”, Presley employs exquisite vocal delivery, high-end production, and lyrics […]

Presley Duyck, the 20-year-old singer-songwriter from Dallas, TX, started singing even before she could talk, and attempted to start a band called The Everyday Heartbreakers in kindergarten, without knowing how to play any instruments. That music was her calling is made evident by the release of her third single, “Juliet”. The song follows her glorious […]

To 20-year-old singer/songwriter, Presley Duyck from Dallas, TX, a single is a body of work that expresses an experience or topical moment in her life, not just a random collection of chords and words. Nowhere is this ethos more present than on her new single, “Happy 22!” Listening to the song it’s easy to imagine how […]

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