Whether it’s a critically acclaimed concept album like “Light vs Dark”, or an attempt to bridge his profound lyrical authenticity to listener accessibility, the uncompromising hip-hop artist from Woodbridge, Mr.Reaper, raps like he has something to prove. His latest single “Awaken”, is the sound of someone tired of dancing around issues. Every bar feels like […]

Out of Springfield IL, Howie Spitts is a musician who uses music to connect. Fame isn’t the end goal for Howie. He just wants to connect with as many people as possible through his craft and hopefully even change a life through it. Howie sets out to cross-pollinate two very different kinds of urban musicality […]

Every aspect of the music came together perfectly on the album “Only Me” by King Ap3. The beats are engaging, the rapper’s energy is high, his flow is sharp, and best of all, his lyricism is on point. When King Ap3 raps, there’s never a dull moment. He is either giving you a passionate, fast-paced […]

A symbolic display of unity transpires on the newly released Hip-Hop single “ALL WINNERS” featuring Mega-icon “JUICY J”.  The song features ALI KULTURE [Pakistani-American] & BIG BOI DEEP [Indian-American] along with producer BYG BYRD [Indian-Canadian].  A collaboration between neighbors of sorts defying stigmas and breaking cultural norms. It’s inspiring to see an artist wearing a […]

Michael James Logan is CEO of DIVINITY NYC which was founded in 2020 by. Michael started his journey towards design amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. He lost a close loved one which led him to help at the nine million reasons food pantry during the shutdown. Shortly after working there he was assigned to the thrift […]

Luis or King Lo is a talented and independent music artist from Syracuse, New York. He stepped foot into the music industry back in 2017 and has been on the grind ever since to produce the best music. His favorite producer to work with is Danny1of1, and they have recently dropped a new track named […]

After just one listening to “On the Road” by Essam x Flex King, and you get the impression that the rapper comes from a strong spiritual background and possesses a firm sense of social justice. He chronicles the plight of the less fortunate and spreads his message of salvation and hope through acceptance. The USA […]

Hailing from New York, Lil Finesser started making music when he was 17. Inspired by his own experiences and the will to succeed, the artist takes his music seriously. And though he went through a rough spot he never contemplated quitting as an option.  Lil Finesser initially got into music when he started to freestyle […]

Growing up in different cultures, The Eska connects with people from different walks of life and uses those experiences to create meaningful music. New track “Ain’t Gon’ Stop” is coming out on November 26. (Denver, CO) Born in Uzbekistan, Iskandar Riskulov is an independent artist known as “The Eska” who has been building a buzz […]

Chicago Santana is back on the music scene with new music and climbing the charts after battling legal issues, through the last few years. Chicago Santana, Born Santana Sylvania Woods 4/23/1995 is from Landover Maryland area, and grew up in Washington D.C. He hit the music scene hard with his Platinum single “Trapped Out Ft Gucci Mane & […]

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